Lead Magnet: The Perfect Tool for Real Estate Social Media Marketing

Lead Magnet: The Perfect Tool for Real Estate Social Media Marketing

Social norms are always changing, and with them, the modern homebuyer has become a different breed of shopper—their understanding of the post-2008 US economy, shortened attention spans, and an interconnected virtual network of friends and acquaintances have modified our culture considerably.

In our noisy world, capturing (and holding) a homebuyers attention can be tough. But with this new reality comes real opportunity — using social media, homebuyers are two clicks away from making themselves your potential sale.

The solution?

Property Showcase Videos—they’re not only fun to watch, but perfectly showcase a home in an engaging and exciting way, giving buyers an honest and complete look at the property and location of the estate.

Here are four reasons why drone videos work like a homebuyer magnet on social media, getting you more leads with less work:


1. Online Shopping Is The New Norm

From Facebook to Amazon, tech giants rule wifi signals nowadays. Our current culture is akin to browsing online catalogs, even redefining “window shopping”… to keeping 20+ Amazon tabs open at once.

Social media and the internet have kept us engaged and gratified with products, services, and the community of advertising that glues the virtual world together, even spreading to the realm of real estate:

“Online real estate company Redfin recently published the results of a survey, which found that 41 percent of millennial homebuyers purchased real estate sight unseen. About one-third of all home buyers purchased property sight unseen.

One in three homebuyers will purchase strictly from the internet. Stunning drone cinematography of your properties with a direct link to your listing is perfect for engaging your organic audience or with paid-advertising campaigns.


2. Social Media is Geared For Videos

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter begin shared videos before you even click it, immediately drawing attention to your content. This feature achieves two hugely important factors— They grab attention and hold attention, getting you more views than any text or image ever could.

For a moment, imagine scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed when this automatically starts to play:


Videos are attention-grabbing by nature, paired with the stunning cinematography of professional drone footage, new leads will be filling your voicemail in no time.


3. Attention is a Currency in a World of Distractions

The best adjective to describe social media is noisy. From family & friends to politics and advertisements, there is only one way to cut through the noisy newsfeed—providing real value to your audience.

val·ue – /ˈvalyo͞o/
Insight, information, and entertainment that is useful to your audience
synonyms: blog posts, useful articles, listing photography, drone videography

A potential lead is TWO clicks away from becoming a new client. Social media gives homebuyers an outlet to explore your listings and overall personality before engaging.


4. Put Your “Best Foot Forward”

With the Google Street View options present on most MLS sites, it’s easy for a potential homebuyer to check out the lot size, neighborhood, and surrounding location at the click of a button. The problem? The photos are blurry, raw, and usually inaccurate, not highlighting the features or beauty of the home. Show the current listing with high-definition video or photos of the property and location.



See that ↘

It’s money on the table. It could be yours if you were optimally using social media for your business, project, or listing.

Capture your listings ‘big picture’ using licensed UAV piolets and 4k high-definition images. Give us a call today at 267.566.8563 or check out our work at www.vtaerialmedia.com.



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