10 Reasons Drones Will Influence Real Estate in 2018

10 Reasons Drones Will Influence Real Estate in 2018

Selling a home is a responsibility that can’t be awarded to just anyone. With a competitive real estate market heating up in 2018, realtors and brokers will be looking for new ways to spend more time closing and less time marketing. Drones are perhaps the most direct way to add value to the way homes are seen, perceived, purchased and sold. This article explains the 10 most influential factors that will enable realtors to climb the ranks, and buyers to find their homes at a fraction of the time.

1. FAA Vetting and examination process ensures safety

Though drones are a relatively new consumer good, drones have been used in film and photo circles for over a decade. With new Federal legislature focused on establishing requisite education and knowledge of how to properly navigate in regulated airspace, photography professionals can easily add a sought-after license to operate commercially above the properties.

2. Short-term Sales in Real Estate

Hiring a licensed and insured aerial photographer will better convey every valuable facet of a property. Licensed Aerial photography entails any commercial photography occurring up to and including 400ft above ground level. Photography of such a nature heightens attention to detail. Aerial photography shows buyers everything from roofline detail to the surrounding neighborhoods, towns, and cities.

3. Long-Term Sales

Quality content has a compounding effect on website traffic.  A viewing experience which combines a unique perspective or vantage point with high-resolution imaging directly engages a desired market, occupying a viewers attention span.

This increase in average time spent on your webpage is directly correlated to search engine optimization. Essentially, if your web page ranks well in user quality engagement, it is more likely to appear above competing pages on a google, yahoo, or bing search.

To ensure optimum bang-for-your-buck, seek the service of an aerial team capable of guaranteeing industry-standard imaging (video in 4K, 16 Megapixel still images, all of which color-corrected, post-produced, and set enhanced) and confident working in real estate.

4. Tech Environment Allows for Quickness and Quality Real Estate Photography

As mentioned above, competition among drone designers has incentivized cost-effective capabilities. As capitalism has done among many markets, it has done to that of the photography industry. Competition has yet again bread excellence. This is evidenced by affordable drone technology which enables pilots to capture mechanically stabilized video on industry-leading lenses, traveling above 30 miles per hour, all while being operated from the palm of one’s hand.

5. Competitive Environment Incentivizes Expertise

The fact that any average joe with a couple grand can operate a machine capable of capturing everything from landscape photographs to award-winning cinematography is great for realtors. The influx of entrants into the drone photography market demands specialization. Photographers will be more or less forced into providing additional value or services as a way to stand out in a crowd. For experienced content creators, skills previously leveraged as a-la-cart, luxury, or up-charges will now be seen as expected. Harnessing the ability to fully edit, color correct, and format photographs for specific listing sources and social platforms will be a distinguishing factor between hobbyist drone pilot and that of an aerial media professional. For this same reason, those with knowledge of photo theory and cinematography distinguishing themselves from the hobbyist with comparable equipment shouldn’t come as a surprise.

6. Legal environment = All but Guaranteeing Profit for Realtors

Making the decision to invest in the way your personal brand is associated with the ability to list and sell properties should not be trusted to just anyone. With penalties for unlicensed commercial drone photography ranging from $11,000 to over six figures in a recent settlement, it’s important to hire a true professional.  Luckily, there has never been a more direct way to determine an aerial photographer’s knowledge of airspace and safety precautions. When hiring a photographer, ask:

(1) Are you licensed by the FAA pursuant to 14CFR part 107 (Chapter 14, Code of Federal Regulations)?

(2) Are you insured in the case of an accident caused by the drone or the pilot of the drone?

Anyone able to answer these questions positively has the requisite knowledge of airspace and safety protocols, thus keeping you safe from the possibilities fines, ultimately keeping money in your pocket.

7. Agents Get More Control Over How Their Listings are Seen

Drones offer the ability to capture high-resolution photos and cinematic video from any within 400 foot vertically and laterally of the property. Sellers are now able to pick and choose the most flattering angles of real estate property within these wide ranges.

8. Buyers Who Missed Out on Past Listings Will Hire For Future Properties.

Just because a person or party did not buy a property from you, they will surely be more likely to list with you, if when buying they were impressed with how you presented listings to them. Your reputation as a forward-thinking, value-adding agent is only enhanced by providing a wider range of perspectives on a regular basis.

9. Realtors Will Spend More Time with Interested Buyers

Agents and Brokers who provide greater depth of information, understanding, and transparency will deal with more informed and motivated buyers. Providing aerial perspective and video tours will help ensure buyers are interested in the idea of making a transaction after scheduling a showing. Increasing the likelihood of spending one’s valued time closing deals as opposed to selling a lukewarm buyer on the home’s value. Savvy agents will capitalize on this feature to spend energy on those buyers just waiting to check off the final box of seeing the home in person.

10. Allows Agents 24/7 Influence Over Their Market

The content captured by drone cameras are able to be licensed in perpetuity to the realtor or homeowner. This means the high-resolution images and cinematic video content can be used and recycled across all social media platforms, web pages, and Multiple Listing Sources for the rest of one’s career.

It is important to find a skilled, licensed photographer who is able to provide you with images that are edited and color corrected. Additionally, asking your photographer to backlink said photos and videos to your webpage is a sure-fire way to organically increase your web presence

Drone photography is an investment in the way buyers perceive your listings, and the way selling clients experience satisfaction and peace of mind. Due to this fact, as well as the 10 listed above, find a true photographer who is licensed, insured, and able to customize your content to boost your web presence in the new year.

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