The 5 Real Estate Videos Every Agent Needs In 2018

The 5 Real Estate Videos Every Agent Needs In 2018

Looking to use real estate videos to ramp up your marketing, bring in new leads, and ultimately sell more homes?

In 2018, high-quality HD and 4k video is one of the top ways to market your listings to buyers and reach new sellers. Video content is even favored by social media giant Facebook as the preferred type of content to reach users on the newsfeed. This is HUGE if you’re using Facebook to market your brokerage.

Dive in below to learn about the top 5 real estate videos every agent needs in order to compete in 2018!

Neighborhood Videos

Neighborhood or community videos are often overlooked among real estate videos.

Creating videos that highlight features of the area around your listings will provide unique benefits for realtors.

First, it positions you as an expert on the region for sellers. Discussing the best features of the neighborhood, like school districts, local parks, restaurants, and attractions will also entice buyers and investors to shop around in the area.

Second, community real estate videos bring a new layer of personality to you as a real estate professional and your office. These types of videos show leads that you are a real person that cares about the community you’re working in!

Listing Videos

From simple slideshows to full-blown interior walkthroughs, videos of your listings offer buyers a way to get an up-close-and-personal look at a home, without leaving the comfort of their home!

With video hosting on YouTube and Vimeo, the social power behind Facebook, and the ability to include your videos in the MLS online, videos of your listings is the number one way to increase exposure and close more deals.

Aerial Real Estate Videos

We’d be silly not to mention how technology is still helping the real estate industry evolve. If you want to give sellers a unique advantage and buyers a unique vantage point, drone-based aerial real estate videos are the way to go!

Not sure what we’re talking about? Check out the video below to get a look!

Market Videos

Perfect for attracting real estate investors in the residential and commercial markets, videos with market analysis and updates are another great way to position yourself as an expert in the field.

The extra bit of legwork in market research and preparation can make all the difference to help bring in leads that are likely to convert.

Brand Videos

Last but not least, brand videos about your broker’s company culture is a great way to display the personality and values of your team.

You can get really creative with these types of videos. For example, consider interviewing a previous client about their experience working with you. Asking questions about how you calmed their fears about buying or selling, your knowledge of the area, and their experience of the overall process is a great place to start!

Get Serious About Your Video Marketing!

Using a mix of the 5 videos mentioned above will give you a competitive edge over other real estate agents in your area.

Have you seen other types of real estate videos that we didn’t mention? We’d love to check them out, so let us know in the comments!

If you’re keen to kick off this year with some awesome new video content, give us a shout and let’s partner up!

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