10 Ways Drone Technology Is Changing The World

10 Ways Drone Technology Is Changing The World

It seems like drone technology is evolving at a light-speed pace!

From simple hobbyist drones and drones with 4k cameras to drones capable of mapping and VR, the technology continues to grow.

Let’s take a look at 10 ways drone technology is changing industries and in turn, changing the world!

Real Estate

It goes without saying that the real estate industry has benefitted from drone technology. Our portfolio is made up of TONS of videos made for real estate agents. From listing videos and community videos to virtual tours and more, you’ll continue to see drones used in the industry in the future.

Wedding Photography

With wedding videos becoming more intricate, what better way to highlight a bride and groom’s special day than a bird’s eye view of the celebration? Drone’s can do that!


While not yet widely adopted, drone technology will absolutely disrupt the shipping industry. Once laws and regulations allow for it, you’ll see companies like Amazon using drones for shipping products to your front door.

Small Business

For small businesses looking to create stunning marketing materials, 4k drone video can provide a perspective that their customers don’t usually see.

For example, imagine a martial arts studio with a fly-through of their giant facility. That’s the kind of marketing content that will inspire people to come in!

Home Security

Drone technology is going to change the way home security works. Don’t believe us? Check out this video: 


Insurance companies are already beginning to use drone technology for inspections and claims, to help them reach places that are inconvenient or unsafe for human beings to reach.


Drones are changing the agricultural industry by providing a new level of agricultural mapping tools. These tools include crop scouting and analysis, grazing pattern analysis, detecting pests and parasites, and more!


For engineers and project managers wanting to monitor progress and complete inspections on construction projects, drones offer a way to safely and quickly cover a lot of ground on the job site.

Emergency Medicine

For medical emergencies, drones will give a speedy answer to flying drugs, vaccines, organs, supplies to professionals and those in need. As a quick aside, a colleague of ours just conducted research with the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, using drones to deliver AED equipment to an emergency site!


From the player training, to refereeing, to capturing the action in stunning HD video, drones are beginning to creep their way into sports, at all levels from high school soccer to the NFL!

Where Will Drone Technology Go Next?

It’s safe to say that drones are the number one disruptive technology right now and will only become more powerful as time goes on.

What industries do you think drones will infiltrate next? Let us know in the comments!

Want to partner with a professional team of drone pilots for a project in your business? Contact us so we can hear what you have in mind!

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