3 Ways Drones Make Real Estate Millionaires

3 Ways Drones Make Real Estate Millionaires

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By: Joseph Warren

Thousands of followers on Instagram. Web page listed at the top of page 1 of Google searches for “Local Realtors.” Sellers hoping to be plucked from the waiting list of candidates— hoping to have their home sold by YOUR team.

“How can there be brokerages with waiting lists for home-listing appointments, while I can sell their home just the same?” The truth is if you’re not using a licensed drone photography team to equip your property listing with high-resolution drone imaging & high-definition video – you’re giving competing agents a competitive advantage. 

Drones and the aerial imagery they capture are proven again and again to be extremely effective content marketing pieces, often ‘going viral’ in today’s web of social media and sharing. The fact is, skilled brokers and agents have already realized the incredible ROI and are becoming millionaires faster than the PowerBall. In 3 points, this article explains the answer to ‘the million dollar question’: 


    1. Drones Give Clients More, With Less Effort

    Drone camera systems are changing the photography game and rapidly at that. Stunning professional-grade camera lenses once reserved for movie sets and commercial ads- now available for inside of $3,000. The consumer drone market has seen a growth rate (in terms of drone options & specificities) of roughly 355% over the last year. In short, this means there are more companies competing to be known as the company that delivers the best drone camera systems to Licensed Drone Pilots.

    Due to these facts, Drone Pilots are able to offer realtors cinematic video tours, and sweeping landscape shots. This in turn allows a realtor to provide online homebuyers with the most precise images of the home, while also providing their client, the seller, with peace of mind knowing their home is being displayed beautifully, precisely where current and future homebuyers are diverting their attention- on the web and on social media.

    And thus we are able to determine the first reason average real estate agents are now becoming millionaires with wealth in the forms of cash, client relationships, and influence in the form of online-followers. Drone photographers enable realtors to give more to buyers and sellers, and all he or she had to do was schedule an aerial shoot.  

    1. Drone Images Become Free Commercials for your Real Estate Brand

    It’s no secret that the way people shop for services and goods is vastly different from that of 10 years ago. Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the likes are now where people choose to spend their down time. All of these sites and app platforms are designed to funnel attractive content in to the phone, tablet, or computer of most everyone in the world who uses them on a daily basis.

    This begs the question “how does a computer know the difference between an attractive photo and an basic selfie?”

    The answer is basically this: the apps and search engines are able rank image or video “attractiveness” based on the amount of time a user spends on that website, or looking at a selected image on an app. If you’ve ever been on Instagram, you’ve probably wondered how some people’s content seems to appear on explore tab more frequently than others. You may wonder if YOUR content is enhanced by this free branding that occurs when you appears on other people’s explore tabs.

    The facts seem to indicate that if your using drone images and videos, you probably do! You see, images that provide a viewer or audience with a unique or different viewing experience will generally lead to that same viewer remaining engaged and focused on said image for significantly longer periods of time.

    Given the fact that drones do in fact provide content from unique and different viewing angles, if you are posting content created by licensed and insured drone photographers you are taking the necessary steps to capitalize on free advertising in the places where people are most willing and able to spend their time: On their phones.  This provides another source of exponential lead growth, and client retention.

    (Not to mention the fact that as view rates increase, view numbers increase. As viewers increase, the number of shares increases. People will be giving you free word of mouth advertising just by sharing beautiful photos of your home or property!)

    1. Those who couldn’t buy from you, will list their home with you when they sell

    Thanks to Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com and MLS, when you list that you have a property for sale, thousands upon thousands of homebuyers looking to move into your area are able to view your property. With these thousands of homebuyers comes thousands of first impressions, all of which will be in some way subject to  the competitive influence of rival agents and brokers.  It is inevitable that most people viewing one of your listings will not be the person lucky enough to purchase it. Instead they will likely view your home and make a first impression of your ability to list a property or sell a home quickly, effectively, and at full asking price. In order to capitalize on these first impressions, it is important to list the property with detail and transparency. The internet is a 24-hour, non stop display of your professionalism. Because of this, it is important to use a drone to ensure your listings are presented online with virtual tours, video tours, and edited photographs which convey what used to be the “home’s hidden value” as directly as possible. When a buyer sees a home listing full of HD aerial landscape imagery, taken on a drone camera soaring above the skyline to convey everything from front door to the neighborhood and surrounding towns, you will surely have made your targeted first impression. Your brand will be associated with attractiveness & directness. By standing out in a crowd of realtors, you will come to the forefront of their search for a Real Estate Agent worthy of their Home (and its handsome commission) when it’s time to sell.

    In summation, Drones will provide an instantaneous improvement in the way real estate professionals sell homes. Namely, Drones will immediately supply the real estate agent, broker, or homeowner with elite content capable or captivating online viewers and attractively conveying the entirety of a specific property’s value.  

    Drones, and licensed FAA part 107 drone photographers will serve as vendors, now capable of enhancing the way Real Estate Agents and Brokers meet buyers & sellers, generate organic leads, and above all else sell homes at an expedited rate while ensuring the selling clients are pleased and ready to give you a gleaming review.

    Those who get in on the proverbial ground floor stand to benefit from the above listed 3 reasons most, as their real estate listing brand will have the earliest-established ties to drone photography. Realtors who become known to deliver high quality images will also become knowns as the agent who reaches the most buyers, while satisfying the most sellers. On top of this fact, said sellers can now go through the normally-hectic moving process without a stress, due to the fact that they know their home will likely sell at Full Listing Price.

    The compounding effect drones have on the real estate market will allow early adopters to earn more wealth in the form of money, social influence and local popularity/notoriety, and of course- leads.

    All of these facts presented give a detailed set of information on the effectiveness of Drones in Real Estate- both in that of Residential or Commercial markets. This new understanding leaves us with one question pertinent to drones: Will you use the lead-generating influence of Drones to become the next Millionaire Real Estate Agent?

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