3 Reasons You Should Choose a Real Estate Agent that uses Drone Photography

3 Reasons You Should Choose a Real Estate Agent that uses Drone Photography

Selling your home can be a painful process, the last thing you want is an agent with a lax attitude toward getting your home off the market. Picking an agent can be tricky. A flashy business card and elevator pitch are a part of the real estate sales job— as a seller in today’s market, you need concrete proof that your agent will go the istance when listing and selling your home.

At VT, we have two Real Estate Agents on our team, and we can tell you that there’s one definite way to tell if your agent will be willing to go the distance for you and your property.

Drone Photography.

No, seriously. It’s why we do it—because we believe in the value it can deliver to a homebuyer.

Choosing a real estate agent that uses drone photography means:

  1. They are willing to go the distance – Great drone photography and cinematography is not cheap, and usually comes out of the agent’s ad budget for your listing. However, agents that do use drones know what many do not – the value provided to the viewer is 10x more valuable than other photo or marketing effort could. Drone photo’s show the entire property. Just one drone photo can show the property lines, landscape design, the neighborhood it’s located in, and the closest streets for commuting. All in one photo!
  2. They know the value of internet marketing – 95% of all home buyers use an Internet service to find their home. Just think — when using the internet, a potential homebuyer is about 1-3 clicks away from a complete tour of a home they have never seen before. The internet has done remarkable things for real estate marketing. Drone photography immediately demonstrates that an agent understands this trend and is willing to utilize it to the best of their ability. They will realize that today’s homebuyers want to feel like they are making the decision on their own. Showing a property in its entirety is the best way for an agent to empower a buyer and give them all they need to make a decision. 
  1. They know the value of showing a location – The oldest saying in the real estate book is “location, location, location.” Online real estate company Redfin recently published the results of a survey, which found that …about one-third of all home buyers purchased property sight unseen. Showing the location of a home has never been easier than now, with a little help from drones and a high definition camera (and maybe a little Photoshop), an agent can showcase a home in its pinnacle aesthetic. I’m willing to bet most buyers also click on the Google Maps tab to see the location of the home anyway. A good agent will know this to be true and will provide high-quality shots of a location with the listing.

Selling a home is no easy task. Looking for drone photography on an agent’s past listings is a great way to concretely tell if your selling agent understands the current homebuyer and is willing to do what it takes for you and your property.



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  • Lexi on May 27, 2018

    Hey Kevin

    I am new in the field of a real estate agent. I am glad that I found your blog post. Because no one ever suggested me to use a picture in this way. The idea of ” drone photography and cinematography” is impressive. I guess this is a help to close the deal very easily. I know sometimes clients want more features in the listing cause of having their busy schedule and we are sharing picture master bedroom, other room, backyard and etc. But these techniques enhance the more feature in the listing.
    Thank you.

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