Bang For Your Bucks: Five Reasons Why ALL Bucks County Real Estate Listings Should Feature Drone Photography

Bang For Your Bucks: Five Reasons Why ALL Bucks County Real Estate Listings Should Feature Drone Photography

Pennsylvania has its fair share of beauty, from the beaches of our Lake Erie coast to the 16th-century streets in the 5th largest city in America, Philly. When it comes to choosing a location to live, towns and suburbs in Bucks County are some of the most sought-after neighborhoods in PA.

Proximity to a job is the 2nd most favorited feature home buyers are looking for. At about a 30 minutes to Princeton, an hour from Philly, and a 1.5-hour train to NYC, Bucks County is a commuters heaven. Not to mention. Bucks Co is about an hour to the 141 miles of New Jersey Shoreline. The 7,500 acres of State and County Parks in Bucks County offer even more recreational space disposable to residents.

We at VT Aerial Media have had the pleasure of growing up in Buck County; Lower Makefield and Yardley respectively. From bike rides down the canal to the awesome architecture of Doylestown, we know first hand the beauty of Bucks Co — and we’ve filmed it many times.

In this brief article, we’ll explain why real estate listings in Bucks County would be much more effective using drone photography and aerial video to highlight what buyer want and reel in potential leads.


Location: The backbone of real estate — and honestly, we’re tired of saying it. All realtors know the importance of location – it’s the #1 thing on any new homebuyers mind.

Buck’s County is full of natural and artificial wonders – whether it’s showing a sliver of the Neshaminy Creek or getting a better idea of just how close to town you are (or aren’t), photography and video from an aerial point of view will give your buyer a full picture of your listings location. There is no better way to show off the beauty of Buck County that surrounds your listing than with stunning aerial photography.


It’s no secret that Buck County has beautiful landscaping. From the densely populated Levittown subdivisions to the hills of New Hope, Bucks County residents do not shortchange their landscaping efforts.

When selling a home, landscaping can be either big or bust, depending on how willing the buyers are to maintain the property. Researchers have found landscaping, especially with mature trees, can boost your home’s value by up to 20%.

Regardless, aerial photography is the only way to showcase the property in its entirety. Wide angle lenses from ground level cannot capture the lighting, perspective, and fullness that a drone can.  Considering a Bucks County sellers may have put thousands of dollars into redesigning the exterior of their homes, they’ll be happy it was displayed with care and consideration.


Suburban Living

While Bucks County can often seem to be largely farmland, the quiet, suburban developments tucked between a forest and cornfield are what make Bucks County suburban location so appealing. In this study, researchers found suburban neighborhoods to be of the most sought-after locations for new homebuyers. When searching for a home, homebuyers need to see the atmosphere they’ll spend the next 5-50 years of their life in.

With wide-angle drone photography, realtors can highlight the full environment of the home’s location. You’re selling a homebuyer their new life, not just their new house.

Giving homebuyers location-focused images will allow them to imagine the memories to come: their children biking on sidewalks, barbeques in the backyard, gardening in the summer, etc.

Greenery – The Trees

It’s a given that homebuyers moving to Bucks Co. are dreaming of tree-lined street, lush, grassy lawns, and all the outdoor activity and entertainment that come with living in a quiet suburb. Showing the natural features of a home on a listing will not only attract buyers but give it a higher listing price as well. Having large trees in yards along streets increases a home’s value up to 15 percent, making any of the Bucks Co. neighborhoods surrounded by mature trees a great selling point when advertising your home.

Check out the slideshow below to see how we ’re able to highlight a home’s natural surroundings using aerial photography (the home is located in Bucks County!)

Lot Size

While the abundance of trees is appealing to homebuyers, it can make showing a property lot size incredibly challenging. Even in person, distance can be deceiving. Not mention, homebuyer often consider their more furry housemates when searching for a home. Big yards mean plenty of room to run, a huge plus for the pet-loving homebuyers.

Aerial photography, specifically a bird’s eye view like the one below, can give buyers a chance to see the boundaries of their property and the land that surrounds it. Almost all plot sizes are as unique as the homes that occupy them, so showing the full view of the property provides an invaluable perspective to a potential homebuyer.

90% of homebuyers are using a web related search tool to find their dream home — create a lucid browsing experience with high definition photography that exhibits a home in its entirety. 

(Bowmans Tower, Washington Crossing, Bucks County, PA)

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