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5 Benefits of Aerial Media in Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate brokerage firms have been struggling the last 2 years. As we enter into year ten of a seven-year cycle, brokers are struggling more and more to rent, lease or sell commercial properties.As rates go up, money is buying less space which is causing prices to flatten out.  Leases and rents are flattening […]

4 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Use Drone Photography To Their Advantage

No offense, but you’d have to be living under a rock this year to not recognize that drones are the ultimate disruptive technology! From construction sites to military operations, Hollywood film sets, drone photography and dozens of other uses, drones are being used in countless industries around the country.  Now, we’re seeing a huge spike in […]

Lead Magnet: The Perfect Tool for Real Estate Social Media Marketing

Social norms are always changing, and with them, the modern homebuyer has become a different breed of shopper—their understanding of the post-2008 US economy, shortened attention spans, and an interconnected virtual network of friends and acquaintances have modified our culture considerably. In our noisy world, capturing (and holding) a homebuyers attention can be tough. But with […]





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