Bang For Your Bucks: Five Reasons Why ALL Bucks County Real Estate Listings Should Feature Drone Photography

Pennsylvania has its fair share of beauty, from the beaches of our Lake Erie coast to the 16th-century streets in the 5th largest city in America, Philly. When it comes to choosing a location to live, towns and suburbs in Bucks County are some of the most sought-after neighborhoods in PA. Proximity to a job is […]

Utilizing YouTube: Why Real Estate Video Marketing Is Your Golden Ticket to Increased Sales

From tiny-homes to mega-mansions, America’s infatuation with virtually touring real estate is ever present in today’s culture. Numerous real estate shows on HGTV and other networks serve up incredibly entertaining content as we sit in awe at the homes presented on our screen. Aside from cable TV, a new platform for content consumption has burst […]

3 Ways Drones Make Real Estate Millionaires

8 minute read By: Joseph Warren Thousands of followers on Instagram. Web page listed at the top of page 1 of Google searches for “Local Realtors.” Sellers hoping to be plucked from the waiting list of candidates— hoping to have their home sold by YOUR team. “How can there be brokerages with waiting lists for […]

10 Ways Drone Technology Is Changing The World

It seems like drone technology is evolving at a light-speed pace! From simple hobbyist drones and drones with 4k cameras to drones capable of mapping and VR, the technology continues to grow. Let’s take a look at 10 ways drone technology is changing industries and in turn, changing the world! Real Estate It goes without […]

The 5 Real Estate Videos Every Agent Needs In 2018

Looking to use real estate videos to ramp up your marketing, bring in new leads, and ultimately sell more homes? In 2018, high-quality HD and 4k video is one of the top ways to market your listings to buyers and reach new sellers. Video content is even favored by social media giant Facebook as the preferred […]

The Best Drone Locations: Bucks County

Without question, drones have become hugely popular — hobbyist, gift givers, and professionals have flown drones right into the mainstream, and like the many innovations before it, drone’s are here to stay. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing the world we live in from the eyes of one of our fine, feathered neighbors. Seeing your home, […]





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